Digital Analysis

Track digital traces left by attackers using specialized tools

Seculabs leverages its expertise in attack techniques to quickly track traces left by attackers and thwart their attempts to conceal malicious activities.

Investigation & identification

Digital analysis is a necessary step of an incident response strategy. While Swiss regulation does not address this area in a detailed manner, there are standards that can be used to apprehend criminal activities. Seculabs can help you detect and qualify evidence of violations in order to ensure their admissibility.

Each case will be documented as thoroughly as possible. During a complete digital analysis, SecuLabs experts will:

  • Expose events, technology and practices
  • Profile criminals / malicious attackers
  • Present the legal framework and propose targeted improvements opportunities according to the company's organization

Analysis methodology

SecuLabs applies a methodology based on the use of specialized and court-approved tools. These tools ensure that the acquisition process does not alter evidences, whatever the technology involved: workstations, servers, appliances, smartphones, tablets, etc...

Our comprehensive approach leverages the two pillars of digital intelligence:

  • our technological capabilities through state-of-the-art tools
  • our expertise, experience and proven methodology

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