Penetration Test

« Attack is the best defense »

To continuously offer the best service level, our team is competing against the world’s best experts during hacking contests.

Pentests consist in reproducing the hackers’ behavior in order to test the resistance of your IT system to intrusions.

Many criteria help defining the type of test you need:
1. Perimeter: internal, external, or partial.

2. Confidentiality constraints: defining what teams will be advised about the tests we are running.

3. Test types: White box, grey box, black box.

Penetration Test - SecuLabs

4. The weak link: The use of social engineering. Using someone to illegally acquire key information, goods or services.. This practice uses human and social vulnerabilities of the targeted structure.

5. Service denial reports

We use various methods to estimate the effort required for a penetration test. Estimating the amount of work only based on the IP addresses and port number doesn’t make sense. We prefer to first assess the strength from the potential threat to harm the targeted organization. We will then make an appropriate choice.

Finally the penetration test will educate your management teams of the risks. Often used during compliance processes, the penetration test should be part as a whole of the safety methods and process from your organization.

The penetration test results’ quality is directly linked to the amount of time allowed for our team to work on the designated projec.