Digital Analysis

In a few decades, digital technologies and the Internet have fundamentally changed society.

They also revolutionized the approach to crime and the work of those who fight against it, whether to seek evidence of offenses on new media or apprehend criminal activities.

The digital analyzes are needed in order to react strategically to an incident. Swiss legislation on the subject is not well established, but there are standards that can be used to ensure the admissibility of evidence.

SecuLabs implements a methodology based on the use of specialized tools approved by the courts. These tools ensure that the acquisition process does not alter the evidence.

Numerical analysis is not only a question of tools, but also process and technical expertise to locate and preserve evidence whatever technology is considered: workstations, servers, appliances, smartphone, tablets, etc...

SecuLabs leverages its expertise in attack techniques to quickly identify the traces left by the attackers and thwart their attempts at concealing malicious activity.

Cybercrime and abuse of digital technologies follow and sometimes outpace technological developments. To follow this progress and protect the community, it is important to understand these dangers and anticipate them.

SecuLabs’ Experts:
- Expose the phenomena, technologies and practices.
- Draw the profile of criminal / malicious attackers.
- Expose and explain the legislation and propose ways to improve the fight against cybercrime targeted depending on the organization of the company.