About Seculabs

Cyberspace is not only the world’s biggest information platform, it is also the biggest threat to most businesses and financial firms. The attacks are mainly aiming at getting the critical, confidential information and personal data. It is highly essential that risks are being assessed. After understanding where they lie, the most appropriate defense strategy can be set up.

Based in the heart of Europe, in Switzerland, SecuLabs was founded by Dominique Vidal. His ethical approach and high level of expertise allow SecuLabs to guide customers with the most adapted methods which makes SecuLabs the cybersecurity specialist.

SecuLabs’ protection services and cybersecurity trainings are among the best and most trustworthy on the market, allowing customers serenity in their activities.

SecuLabs protects and defends multinational firms as well as small businesses, international organizations, governmental agencies, or financial institutions against the cyber threats.

SecuLabs is aiming at being the best at all times, not only as a service provider but also as an employer.

Thanks to its pragmatic and strategic approach, SecuLabs assesses and masters the risks in order to anticipate potential cyber-attacks by:

  • Analyzing all the steps and tools essential for the perfect cybersecurity’s management of your business or institution
  • Finding the keys to protecting your strategic information in a complex environment
  • Analyzing the types of threats (who, where, when, how) and their potential consequences in order to implement strategies and effective dissuasion methods

Who is Dominique Vidal ?

2nd place in the World Hacking Championship
Computer safety specialist / ethical hacker Seculabs SA founder

Dominique  Vidal is a worldwide renown cyber-security expert.
Nowadays, governments, international and local firms entrust him to securing their IT systems.

Dominique Vidal is the founder and captain from the only French speaking team ever being 2nd place in the famous “Capture The Flag” tournament in Las Vegas: DEFCON. This tournament is considered to be the world hacking championship.

Every year, following a long series of tests, his Swiss team “Les Routards” qualifies and defies the world’s best hackers coming from the USA, Spain, Denmark, South Korea, Italy, Russia.

Our customers’ main fields of activity are:

  • Bank, insurance
  • State, governments
  • International organisations
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Service providers

Seculabs assets

  • A tailor-made proposal designed to answer the challenges from SecuLabs’ clients
  • Total Confidentiality of all information gathered and of our actions
  • A team of international experts with complementary backgrounds to simulate and defeat the largest type of threatening situations possible
  • A project management approach allowing us to offer the best visibility and to meet customers’ expectations
  • The performance of our “weakness seekers” yearly proved when competing against the worldwide best hackers
  • Technical tools based on perfectly mastered architectures and standards
  • The use of market standard technologies
  • The quality of the analyses and reports handed over

Why SecuLabs SA

  • Great references on several penetration tests in terms of both the type of activities and geo-localisation at a worldwide level.
  • A structured project management approach based on standard methodology recognised by professionals in information technology security.
  • A hub of skills and aptitudes managed by an expert project manager to ensure 360° vision of the information system exposed to the Internet.
  • Respect of best computer practices as well as timing and budget to guarantee the highest level of quality expected by our clients.
  • Skills recognised by a range of different specialists in information technology’s security across the world.
  • Competitive rates with no compromise on quality.
  • Creation and implementation of a tool box thanks to our ‘’Labs’’: “In-house security tools”
  • Large experience in information management and specialist in the complexity of risks inherent in several different types of structure.